Dynaplug | Summer Gear We Love

Easily repair punctures without removing the tire from the wheel. Proprietary plug fuses to tire for permanent repair!

Summer Gear We Love | ENVE MOG Bike Review


https://youtu.be/jVqyUQTyKzc Go live on the trail with Mike and his new Enve MOG. If you are looking for a gravel bike, then be sure to check out this review.   3 segments of demo riding: Pavement, Trail and Singletrack.  Call Avon Venture Sports for more info on this smooth gravel bike – 970-949-1318     […]

Dynaplugs: the ultimate quick tire fix!


Heard that dreaded hiss one too many times while you’re racing home from your “lunch break” to join a call? Get home fast from your ride without having to change your tire with Dynaplug. We never leave home without one these days… stop by the shop + grab one this weekend!!!

Giant Defy is the Next Generation of Endurance Road Bikes

Giant Defy Road Bike Vail

Road biking is becoming more popular every year, and with more people doing this awesome sport the demands for variations of bikes has grown. Yes everyone, for the most part, that is purchasing a road bike wants to go fast, but at what level of sacrifice of comfort this speed comes at is the biggest […]

Is the New Pinarello F12 Road Bike The World’s Best Road Bike?

Pinarello Road Bike Dogma F12

Pinarello has once again improved on what many consider to be the world’s greatest road bike with the Dogma F12. Every reincarnation of this bike astounds us at how they can improve on the bike that won seven stage races in 2018 including the Gyro d’Italia and the legendary Tour De France. In fact the […]