Our Team

There are literately dozens of ski and bike shops in the Vail Valley to choose from.  So what sets Venture Sports apart from all the rest?  In one word, it is our people. We pride ourselves on being the friendliest shop in town… Don’t believe us? Come into any of our locations and we’ll prove it to ya!!!

Mike Brumbaugh


Why Venture: I often tell people that I would trade bank accounts with a lot of people but I wouldn’t trade lives with anyone. I sell fun for a living and get to work in a place where most people save all year to vacation for a week. I am blessed 🙏🏽  I proudly consider myself very mediocre at a variety of sports from skiing to rock climbing to road riding.

Jacob Bangston

General Manager

How I ended up in the Valley: I learned to ski at Welch Village, Minnesota. There was almost no snow and towards the bottom I skied and fell onto dirt, it was Amazing! I visited the mountains in CO when I was a Freshman in high school and I made it my mission to live here someday.  So I made it happen after college. I love running Venture Delivery because I really enjoy connecting 1 on 1 with guests in the comfort of their own spots, getting everyone fitted & kitted just right. 

Sam Tyler

Administrative Manager + HR

How I ended up in the Venture Crew: I was referred to Venture Sports by one of our Delivery Drivers (Dan!) He recruited me from the Whitewater Rafting industry for a winter role at Venture and I ended up staying year-round after that! I’m a snowboarder, but I want to learn how to ski… And my bike of choice is a cruiser – I like a leisurely ride (unless I’m on the river).

Leya Nicolait

Director of Sales & Marketing

I love it all:  Skiing, skinning, snowboarding, road biking, mountain biking… If it involves being outdoors and going uphill I love it even more.   Being newer to the team, the one thing that makes me proud to work for Venture is that no matter what store, no matter what department, you will find awesome people who are working hard to make your skiing and biking experience awesome! ⭐️❤️⭐️


Zach Cole

Avon Shop Manager

I love bikes. I ride road, mountain bikes, and gravel. I used to be a snowboarder… but I’ve grown up now. I ski. Fun fact: I’ve watched the sunrise ice climbing at 23,000 ft on Peru’s tallest peaks, shared sardines on El Cap with my two climbing partners who didn’t speak English, and mountain biked through multiple lightening storms over 12 days while biking the Colorado Trail.

Tyler “Tex” Greider

Vail Base Camp Shop Manager

I ended up in the Valley when my wife and I moved here for her work. I work at Base Camp, mainly – because 8 years ago they were the only ones that would take a chance on a Texan that had never seen snow! I ride a Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride mountain bike – because road bikes are lame. Fun fact: It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky. The brand name Spam is a combination of “spice” and “ham.”


Chad Mackenzie

Grand Hyatt Vail Store Manager

I’m a guitar player originally from North Platte, Nebraska. I’ve been at Venture for almost 10 years (2 terms – left after 5 years, but I couldn’t stay away). I love fat skis & fat tires (mountain bikes only, for me. Oh, and I am a metalhead 🤘🏼

Darian Fairclough

Bachelor Gulch Shop Manager

I snowboarded for the first time 24 years ago and have been in love with the sport ever since! In the summer I enjoy riding mountain bikes and summiting 14ers, so you can find me on a mountainside regardless of season. I was born in nearby Leadville and have raced the SR50 and LT100 races, and my goal for 2024 is to complete the Silver King challenge and the Lead challenge. Working with Venture Sports enables me to pursue these ambitious goals!


(DH) Mike Degraef-Hicks

Lion & Evergreen Shop Manager

How I ended up in the Valley:  I’m a basketball player from South Carolina and I discovered my love for the mountains about 24 years ago. It was at that moment I knew I had to answer my calling and move out West! I’ve been in the valley since 2010 and with Venture since 2015. I wouldn’t change it for the world, it is the best crew to work with and I truly consider these guys and gals my mountain family.  biked through multiple lightening storms over 12 days while biking the Colorado Trail.

Here's what our customers are saying:

“Just wanted you to know the Venture Team across the locations has been great to work with over the last four years. Nearly four years ago I restarted riding bicycles after a 15+ year hiatus. Before taking an extended break, I was a bike mechanic while in college at the Denver Spoke and two other local shops in the Vail area. Also, I did a good bit of competitive amateur racing. 

From day one I appreciated the genuine friendliness of the staff – devoid of the dreadful attitude that can be all too common in bike and ski shops. Venture staff are good listeners and always willing to help. With two young athletes, buying high quality bikes, skis and equipment is ongoing. Venture Sports is the kind of shop that helps me match age-appropriate equipment that builds confidence and keeps the fun factor high for my boys. 

It is obvious I am not alone in my appreciation – Venture Sports has a great reputation and lots of families I know who live in the area and Front Range rely on Venture Sports to keep their families rolling happily along.

A BIG thanks to you and the entire staff!”

– Lawrence “Skip” Moss

Vail, Colorado