At Venture Sports we love road biking as much as we do skiing.

To help you get out there and enjoy some of the best rides in Colorado we have prepared a guide to some of our favorite road rides in the Vail and surrounding areas. Complete with ride description, full GPS data including elevation gain, map and more, and photos of the ride our ride descriptions give you everything you need to get out there and have fun. Feel free to give us a call or stop by any of our shops if you want any more information or need a bike rental or any other bike gear to help you make it happen.

Remember, at Venture Sports “Friends don’t let friends ride junk!”

Classic Vail Colorado Road Rides

Avon-Bachelor Gulch-Wolcott Divide-Avon

Avon-Camp Hale-Avon

Avon-Wolcott Divide and Back

Avon-VP Cul-de-sac-Avon

Avon-Bellyache Ridge-Avon

Avon-Cordillera Ranch Gate-Lake Creek-Avon

Avon-Cordillera Summit-Avon

Avon to Eagle & Back

Avon to East Vail & Back

Avon-Tennessee Pass Summit-Avon

All the Hills of Avon

Copper Triangle

SOS Colorado-Eagle River Ride

Triple Bypass

Vail-Copper Mountain-Vail