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Why we love this new Nytro E9 Road bike from Pinarello

Power Up Your Way!


The new Nytro E-line opens up a world of possibilities to experience cycling! This range is designed for all cyclists looking to enjoy the emotions of cycling. 

It’s created with adventure in mind, allowing riders to tackle long rides and the steep climbs of Alpine passes with more agility and confidence than a traditional road bike… LEARN MORE

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We love Pinarello Road Bikes and they just got better with the new E-series.  

We love to ride and we love that you love to ride.  We all hate to be dropped or feel like we cannot keep up with our favorite riding buddies.   E-Road Bikes are the answer to this dilemma. 

Stay fast on the climbs and ride longer with a litlle help from the Pinarello Nytro E9 – Dura Ace DI2. 

Come check one out and never miss out again!

Built with the same race quality you would expect from Pinarello

The Carbon T900 UD has the The right balance between reactivity, dampening capabilities and lightness for competition.

The Onda Fork has s distinctive Pinarello Technology since 2000. The shape of the fork delivers precise turning abilities, stability and reduction of longitudinal and lateral shocks. 

The Asymmetric Frame – Since the beginning, Pinarello understood that while the thrust applied to both pedals is the same, the pull on the chain applies to the right side only. For this reason, all frames are optimized to compensate these unbalanced forces.

The TQ-HPR50 Drive Unit – Harmonic Pin Ring Transmission (HPR) is a result of TQ’s decades-long experience in the development and engineering of electric motors for robots, satellites, space stations and mars rovers.

Details on full components 

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