Time to Get Your Skis Tuned For Spring Skiing

We have had an epic ski season this year at Vail and Beaver Creek resorts, El Nina promised a good season and did not fail to deliver. We have a 57” base depth, which has allowed the mountains to open 100% of the terrain! That is 5,289 acres of world-class skiing with all 31 lifts operating. Having already reached 241” of snow and our snowiest month of the year, March, still to come we will most likely break our seasonal average of 300” this year! As we leave February and enter March the snow on the mountain and the snow that falls during each storm does change. This dramatically affects the way we tune our rental skis and our customer’s skis.


Although the decision of what ski wax to use may seems simple, there are complex scientific principals behind ski waxes and how they interact with the ski base and the snow. For new, cold, dry conditions like we had in January and the beginning of February, harder waxes are used so that the sharp snow crystals cannot stick into the waxed ski base. If the snow crystals stick into the wax the coefficient of friction is increased, reducing glide. When the conditions are warm and wet like we are starting to encounter now, the snow crystals melt and the six sharp points become rounded. This condition is described as old or transformed snow. In these conditions we tune with softer waxes. When applied, soft waxes result in a more uneven surface which helps to break the suction of the water layer formed underneath the ski and allows you to ski more smoothly and faster across the variable snow conditions you can encounter during spring skiing.


bump skiing vailSure everyone loves powder skiing, and we have had more than our fair share this year but spring skiing is every bit as fun especially when your skis are tuned properly. Skiing fast groomers is many peoples favorite type of skiing, and why not, you get to go fast and the motion is fluid and free. Bump skiing is a favorite among the staff here at Venture Sports ski shop, this fast athletic style of skiing requires precision, strength and agility. If you are new to bump skiing start on a blue run with medium size bumps, keep your speed in check and start to dial in the timing. After a day or two you will be ready to tackle some double black bump runs with grace. Spring can be the best time for this because the bumps soften when the sun hits them, making the skis easier to control on the softer snow, and making the falls a little easier when you do miss a turn.


So if you have not had your skis tuned since the start of the season be sure to stop in at our Avon ski shop location located at 100 West Beaver Creek Blvd. Avon, CO or our Vail ski shop located in the Vista Bahn building at the top of Bridge Street steps from Gondola 1 in Vail. See why we have been voted SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR, best ski tune in Vail and friendliest shop year after year. You will be glad you did when you are first one down Prima Cornice.