The North Face Park & Pipe Open Series Is Your Chance To Win!

Have you been hitting your home pipe and park hard this season? Feel like you have a line dialed that could win big? Then you are just the person that the PPOS wants to see a video from. PPOS is The North Face Park + Pipe Open Series.


So what exactly is the PPOS, it is like a comp with out the pressure of having to perform on the spot in front of a crowd on unfamiliar terrain. Instead you get to lay down your best trick on the day you want with just you and your homies! Rehearse it, dial it in and then blow it out. You even get to splice it with other awesome clips and then send it in for a chance to win big. No entry fee, no travel costs, no sleeping in a strange bed and having to try and perform at your highest level on a jump you don’t know or in conditions that aren’t perfect. Next day your feeling primed and the sun is shining grab your posse and go big!


We all know there are a lot of hometown hero’s dropping big lines and nailing technical tricks on their local mountains. Trying to get into the comp seen can just be too much for many of us who are doing our best to just make it by in our favorite mountain town. Well this is your chance to show your skills without any of the hassle. Everyone has a equal and fair shot so get after it.


Get your fans, friends and family to vote for you—and all of a sudden you’re in the running to film with Tom Wallisch and his “Good Company” crew. You could even win part of a $15k purse, not to mention a ton of other cool prizes like The North Face gear, GoPros, and more—that equal $50k in total prize value.


This is exactly the kind of thing you would expect form TNF (The North Face) one of the leading brands in outdoor apparel and lifestyle. They have been supporting athletes at all levels for decades, whether sending them Heli-skiing in Alaska or rock climbing in Madagascar. When TNF says “Never Stop Exploring” they mean it.


So we at AVS are gona grab our crew and camera and go have a little fun and maybe win big in the process, but does it matter, this is as much about the ski lifestyle as it is winning. We hope to see you in the Golden Peak terrain park with a total of 9 jumps ranging in size from 10’ to 50’, where you can knock out laps in only five minutes with a high speed quad that delivers you right to the top of the park. For the jibber the park has over 30 boxes and rails to get styly with. Or if the pipe is your bag there are two half pipes, a 13’ to get you warmed up and the new 22’ so you can go huge. The Super Pipe is cut and groomed when conditions warrant and every Friday through Sunday.


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