Rossignol Soul 7 HD Review from Vail Ski Area

Rossignol Soul 7 Ski Review from Vail, Colorado

This ski completely blew me away….You’ve seen Rossignol’s Soul 7’s at ski resorts the world over. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular options on the planet. Why? It’s damn near effortless to ski. Rossignol reduces weight in the ski’s tip, tail and outline to center the ski underfoot and make it easier to engage, while a carbon-basalt diagonal weave incorporated into the ski from tip to tail controls vibrations and provides unbelievable strength. The Rossignol Soul 7 HD 2020 is here to blow your mind!!!!

The Soul 7 is a complete powerhouse for freeride skiers who love the fresh and soft snow. They have a fantastic combination of flotation and maneuverability. The floaty side of the ski comes primarily from its 106 mm waist width. This is more than enough width for most powder skiers, as it definitely stays on top of a bunch of snow. The maneuverability is born from the five-point or centered sidecut that allows the ski to have a shorter turn radius while still remaining wide enough to float. The end result is a turny ski that can make a bunch of different turn styles. Additionally, the Air Tip 2.0 lightens the extremes and drastically lowers swing weight. For skiers who aren’t full-on big-mountain chargers, the Rossignol Soul 7 has always been a strong choice. With a Paulownia wood core with carbon alloy matrix laminates, the ski has a burly middle section. At 180 cm in length, the skis have an 18-meter turn radius, and this allows for fantastic speed control when the going gets tricky. I absolutely loved the wide and stable platform as well as the quick and nimble nature of this wicked freerider.

I have the philosophy that there’s not one perfect ski, but there’s a perfect ski for everyone. For skiers who are not looking for that two-full sheet of metal huge big-mountain ski, there’s a Soul 7 for that. Not everyone likes to or is able to blast through fresh powder at 40 mph and make less turns than anyone else on the hill. The 2020 Rossignol Soul 7 HD fills a nice niche in the ski world, and for those skiers, this is an amazing ski.

If you want to get on a pair of these bad boys just let us know. Venture Sports has all sizes of the Soul 7 HD for you to try in our demo fleet. Please feel free to make your reservation today at or call us at 970-949-1318

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Chad MacKenzie