Bike Ride From Avon To The Burns Loop & Back

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This one is our owner, Mike’s favorite loop.  100 miles of pure Colorado, as he likes to say.  A little bit more mileage and vertical as the Copper Triangle, but with 1/1000th of the cars and great roads.  If you like majestic mountain views, deer, elk, rivers, hawks and going 30 minutes between cars then this may be the ride for you.  THERE ARE 18 MILES of dirt but you absolutely do not need a gravel bike for this ride.  
Also do keep in mind that from the time you turn off at Wolcott until you arrive back in Dotsero (55 miles of the ride) you will not have any cell coverage and you may go long stretches without seeing a car.  This is one of the attractions of the ride to us but remember that means you cannot call somebody if you don’t know how to change a flat.  
For those of you paying attention you will notice that this is not a loop.  The 100 mile version here starts from Venture Sports.  However if you are looking for a slightly less committing day you can begin in Wolcott, Eagle, or Gypsum and turn it into a “casual” 80 mile day.  Make sure you take plenty of water especially if you are casting off in the heat of the summer.