Mike Vartone from Nordica Reviews the New Enforcer 88 Ski for 2020

Scott V from Nordica Skis gives Venture Sport ski shop a review of the hot new Nordica Enforcer ski at this year’s 2020 Outdoor Retail trade show in Denver, Colorado.

Allright everybody, we are here at SIA (Snowsports Industry America) and OR (Outdoor Retailer) buying our skis for next year and we are here at the Nordica booth with Mike V, you got to trust a guy with a name like Mike V, he is going to tell us all about the awesome Enforcer Technology.

Hi guys I am Mike Vartone here to talk about Nordica and what is really cool here is we have the new Enforcer 88 it is very similar to our whole Enforcer collection, separated into all of its’ components.

So on the left here we have here is the base of the mold with your base material and your edge inlaid into the skier there. Your next layer is your first sheet of metal so this is really good, we all know the metal in the Enforcer adds to how confident it is and it just makes the skis. Then we have our fiberglass layer with a carbon fiber prefig, that carbon fiber helps lighten up the ski and also make it a little bit damper. On top of that we put our layer of wood, you will notice up on top up here we have this little piece, that is our tip insert. It helps make that ski a little damper and just provide a more stable ski. Then another layer of fiberglass and carbon, then metal and then the top sheet and it all goes into this metal piece here and presses together.

Makes all the magic happen!

Thanks Mike