Green Riders Cycle Cross Country Training

vail bike ride for a causeDear friends, family & fellow earthlings!

Today marks exactly 1 month before I’ll be on my way to Minneapolis, MN to meet up with the rest of the Green Riders group. THIS 😬 is how I’m feeling, a perfect mixture of excitement and terror. I have been following along with the group since they left New York City on May 29th, memorial day being quite the symbolic time to start a ride committed to instilling a sense of community across the country by planting gardens and raising awareness about food waste and other sustainability initiatives. 🌱 The group is currently traveling through Pennsylvania, 30 strong with more on the way! Interested in learning more about the group and the amazing people riding, follow this link to a news segment. —> Green Riders cycle cross-country for sustainability. 🚴

I am now in super training mode! I have been commuting everywhere by bike since the start of May, through rain and even some snow, (spring in the Rockies can be brutal), but the support and motivation I have received from the Vail Valley community has been incredible. Now, I have almost everything I need ready to go, so starting next week, I’ll be riding my bike fully-loaded and geared up. I plan to do at least 2 long-haul overnight trips, between 60-70 miles, in the next few weeks as well. Be on the look out for my first “training” video blog 🎥 which I’ll send your way soon! In the mean time, please follow me on Google + profile, where I’ll be posting all my personal updates, pictures, articles and poetry. You can read my first blog article there too! 

Thank you to my amazing sponsors, Venture Sports and Vail Valley Vixens! Thank you to Walking Mountains Science Center for supporting my personal endeavor with a leave of absence and thank YOU ALL so much for following along with me on this journey. I truly hope this adventure inspires and motivates you all to take action towards creating a more sustainable,equitable and healthy way of life for you and your family. Please enjoy some awesome Green Rider photos below and do keep in touch!