David Krane from Salomon Skis Reviews the Stance Ski at Outdoor Retailer

David Krane from Salomon Skis gives Venture Sport ski shop a review of the hot new Salomon Stance ski at this year’s 2020 Outdoor Retail trade show in Denver, Colorado.

So we are down her at OR (Outdoor Retailer) SIA (Snowsports Industry America) 2020 looking at all the awesome gear here, we are with our David Krane our amazing Salomon rep to tell us about a sweet new ski for next season.

Thanks Mike, yeah here with the Venture Sports crew here at the Salomon booth at the OR show.

We have got a new stance collection and we are extremely excited about this collection of skis. It is an All Mountain metal laminate construction, super user friendly horsepower.

We have done a couple of things to make this ski go great at super high speeds, but also be “finesy” and a little more versatile in mixed conditions, in tighter positionss in the mountains, in the trees and steeps.

We’ve done a cutout as you see here Mike, a laser edge cutout removing some of the metal laminate in the top of the ski. We have added the patented Salomon C/FX super fiber it is carbon flax mix, what this does is it allows a little bit of torsion here to ease into that turn.
To give you that all mountain sports carve that is a little more user friendly than some stuff out there that is overbuilt.

A poplar wood core, a twin metal laminate, just a little rocker in the tip and tail and specifically maybe one of the best choices would be the 90mm waist width here.
So it is going to be extremely versatile on the front side of the mountain and its’ going to ski really well in the bowls.

Sweet, thanks so much David!