Clem from K2 Reviews the New Disruption Ski for 2020

Clem from K2 Skis gives Venture Sport ski shop a review of the hot new K2 Disruption ski at this year’s 2020 Outdoor Retail trade show in Denver, Colorado.

Ok everybody, we are here at the ski show and we are looking at our awesome 2020 / 2021 amazing products and we are here with our K2 Ski rep Clem and he is going to tell us about the awesome new Disruption ski.

Hi Guys, so the Disruption series is an all new All Mountain offering from K2 that is really focused on hard groomed snow. What makes the ski so special is they’ve got dark matter damping and a Titanal I beam construction. So what this is, it’s a really balanced way to build a ski, it’s not overly built but still really connected with great edge grip because of that dark matter damping. This is basically a carbon fiber polymer sandwich up in the tips and the tails of the ski that helps it ski more connected to the hard snow without simply feeling just more like a wide GS ski. So a lot of with with a huge sweet spot but incredible edge grip and stability and bringing a lot of new energy and fun to a very traditional category of skis. So I am really excited about the Disruption series and there is a whole big collection around it but I really love this 82 TI, especially for Vail, Colorado and where we live this has been a fantastic ski, especially if your thing is getting out there and skiing groomers.

Outstanding, thanks, and they are so popular, that he has been talking so much that he lost his voice, that’s always a good sign. Thanks Clem.