Building Community and Family Through Ski Racing with Nordica Skis

community ski racingBesides being a ton of fun skiing is many things to many people. Skiing is a sport that brings families together in the majesty of the mountains. Skiing is a sport that helps young people develop themselves both physically and mentally, and skiing is a sport that brings soul to people’s lives at all ages.

Nordica skis understands how deep the roots of skiing runs in individuals, in families and across nationalities and generations. They have created a great shorty story on how ski racing has impacted one young athlete from Italy, Stefano Pizzato. The tight knit ski race community spend hard days training year-round, dry land training in the summer and them living together to train full time in the winter, in this case in the beautiful Cortina. The commitment it takes to ski at a competitive level builds character that will stay with a young person for the rest of their life. The physical training molds their body into an athlete in a sport they can do forever. Then there is the community aspect.

Living the life as a skier or ski racer your family grows, from the sisters and brothers you train with and compete against to the elders of previous generations who inspire you to be your very best from your earliest years on skis. This spans not only the athletes but the families that travel with them that grow close and get to ski together while their youngsters are preparing for their races. It is this element of skiing that separates it from going to a child’s lacrosse match or hockey game, with skiing the entire family can enjoy the sport and the mountains together!