Beaver Creek Ski Run of the Week | Cresta in Arrowhead

Leya slipped up the hill after work to tell us a little about some of her favorite blue groomer ski runs. Cresta in Arrowhead is our Beaver Creek Ski Run of the week as its a fun family favorite. Stunning views of the Vail Valley and gentle groomed rollers that are fun for all.

A locals favorite in Beaver Creek and a win no matter what ski run you come down.


Check it out on the Beaver Creek Ski Map👇

Two ways to get to this great ski run.

  1. Cruise over on Primrose from Bachelor Gulch and then head down Cresta
  2. or… if you are already in Arrowhead just take the Arrowhead express lift up and head down skiers left.

Don’t forget to take in the views as you ski down to the base area of Arrowhead.  If you feel a little over your head with the the groomed rollers, then you can always duck off anyone one of the green catwalks that will take you back to the base of the lift.



Ski Rental in Beaver Creek

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