Alex from Smith Optics Reviews the Squad Mag Ski Goggles

Alex from Smith Optics gives us a review of new goggles for the 2020 ski season.

Alright everybody we are here at OR (Outdoor Retailer) and we are with Alex from Smith and he is going to tell everybody about the awesome new products from Smith.

Hey guys, my name is Alex and I work for Smith Optics, we are going to talk a little bit about today about the brand new Squad MAG. This is going to fill a place in your wall that is for those cylindrical lens lovers who also want to change out on the fly depending on different light conditions so Squad MAG very exciting, very new. This has an awesome little paddle system here, very easy to use, pop it right off, (holy cow that is amazing) you’ve got your spare lens in the back here, bring that out pop it right back on, locking magnetic story. Very different, not going to fly off if you take a spill, very secure with eight magnets on each side, super easy to use. $220 is a pretty awesome price point for a magnetic story so we are super stoked about the Squad MAG. Got a ton of different colors and lens options as well so go check out Venture Sports and get that on the wall there.

Killer, thanks so much Alex.

Thank you