I Sell Fun For A Living

Mike Brumbaugh


Name: Mike Brumbaugh

Time at Venture: 29 years (and counting)

Home Town: Chuluota, FL

Status: Married (25 years and counting)

Ski or Board: 2 planker wanker

Fat or Skinny Tires: Skinny all the way – spandex don’t lie

Why Venture: I often tell people that I would trade bank accounts with a lot of people but I wouldn’t trade lives with anyone. I sell fun for a living and get to work in a place where most people save all year to vacation for a week. I am blessed

Fun Fact: I proudly consider myself very mediocre at a variety of sports from skiing to rock climbing to road riding.

My Perfect Day: Get up super early, skin up arrowhead, ski down to Timbers Bachelor Gulch, work until about 2, drive to Eagle and ride up cottonwood and gypsum creek. 2,000 vertical on skis, make a little money, 35 miles and 3,000 vertical on asphalt and dirt. Then dinner with my bride – ain’t life grand.