A Road Bike Ride To Remember – From A Happy Green Rider!

Greetings Friends and Family,

​​A Ride to Remember

I apologize for the time it has taken me to send out a final email about my summer Green Riders tour! Returning home after almost 3 months traveling was more of an adjustment then I expected. I had to jump right back into work and, at the same time, figure out some issues with my housing situation, catch up with friends and coworkers, rebuild my bike, and track down all my stuff that had been stored away.

It’s been over a month now since my trip came to an end. That state of mind referred to as a whirlwind is finally subsiding now. I feel accomplished and ready to take on more sustainable best practices this year! The current goal is to go all winter season without a car. I plan to commute all winter long by bike, feet, or carpool. In the spring, I will have saved up enough $$$ to purchase a hybrid electric vehicle, which will allow me to commute some longer distances virtually waste free!

In addition, I am working on other sustainable lifestyle actions through the 2017 EcoChallenge! This endeavor is a fun and social way to take action on the issues you care about. I implore you all to take the challenge and see how two weeks of action can add up to a lifetime of positive change. It doesn’t stop there…this site gives you the tools and advice you need to work on sustainable actions all year long. If you’re interested in joining the 2 week challenge, you can join my team with Rob Greenfield by following this link. —-> Rob Greenfield Team

Thank you all for following my journey this summer. I hope it lifted your spirits and inspired you to make sustainable changes to your own life. I am grateful for the memories, friendships, lessons learned, kindness of strangers, and for the talents and gifts both given and received. I feel whole and truly in love with life!

As promised, below is a love poem I wrote for my bicycle! Enjoy and don’t forget to continue on your own path of laughter, love, sustainability, and gratitude!

Oh, mechanical extension of myself,
I am something new at each mount.
Regarding the world accordingly,
habit formed, concept of space, mind-altered, perception
shift. The wind in my hair
feels free, falling by centrifugal
force, what we call gravity, or
Earth’s smothering love for us.
I have become a child again,
pushing my limits at every
turn. There are always
yellow lights
flashing in my mind’s
roadway, oh but
how I do love
those scenic

Compassionately yours,

~Nicole Elizabeth Abrams~

Wild Sustainability & Spiritual Ecology Mentor

“You are the universe experiencing itself.”