Vail Valley Partnership Honors Venture Sports Bike and Ski Shops with Best Place to Work Award!

Venture Sports is proud to announce that we have received the 2019 Success Award for “Best Place to Work”! Not one to toot our own horn but as previous award winner in the “Vail Valley for Small Business Of The Year”, as well as “Best Tune” and “Friendliest Shop” we are no stranger to recognition. But what makes this one so special is the culture here at our shops is very important to the owner Mike and all the managers. This is a family owned business that has been in operation for over 28 years. Mike is at the shops almost every day of the season making sure that only the customers but that the staff is happy.

Additionally, Venture treats it’s employees like family, first by making sure they can afford to live in this magical wonderland of Vail Valley, and furthermore by bringing the team together for group rides and supporting them in a multitude of other ways. Whether it be helping employees raise awareness to a charity event they are passionate about or sponsoring them with bikes to ride across the country.

At Venture Sports Bike and Ski Shops we foster this atmosphere for a lot of reasons. We really do want the best for everyone that works here. We want a great environment for all us to come into every day. We also really do want to give our guests amazing experiences here in the mountains, and that starts with a great customer experience whether it be dialing in your ski rentals or getting you on the right bike and on the right trail. We love all these things ourselves and want to share them with you and make sure you have a great time doing and get the right experience for you.

Thanks to the Vail Valley Partnership for honoring us with the award and their involvement in the community.  The Partnership is a community development organization that is dedicated to the business health of the Vail Valley. They support local businesses like ours in many ways and have a great impact on the community.  Their organization has a membership of 800+ businesses and individuals that represents 80% of the areas workforce. Vail Valley Partnership is dedicated to ensuring that all our business succeed and by providing business tools & resources, promoting the Vail Valley to guests to our area  and helping initiate economic development efforts.