Things To Know About Riding Bikes in Cordillera for 2023

As winter turns into spring, we are all anxious to start our spring and summer activities and the Cordillera Metro District would like to take this time to remind everyone of the rules of the road when riding within the Cordillera Community. This past year was a busy year for bicyclists on Cordillera roadways. Unfortunately, we experienced several bicyclists involved accidents and very near misses along with many complaints of bicyclists riding 3 and 4 wide. For the safety of our community members and all roadway users, the CMD Board has implemented several new rules and regulations that must be adhered to while riding Cordillera roadways.
All bicyclists must operate and adhere to the Cordillera rules and regulations as outlined below.
Cordillera Bicycle Rules and Regulations:
  • Register with Cordillera Public Safety for entrance through the gates,
  • Wear a bicycle helmet,
  • Ride single file, No side-by-side riding is permitted,
  • Obey posted speed limits,
  • Stop at stop signs,
  • Yield to pedestrians,
  • Display proper illumination,
  • Ride in the designated bicycle lanes or as far to the right as possible. Any person operating a bicycle in Cordillera shall stay in the designated bicycle lane or on the right side of the road traveling in the direction of traffic except when preparing for a left turn at an intersection, when traveling into a private roadway or driveway, when necessary or prudent for safety purposes, or as otherwise, may be permitted by state law.
New Bicycle Safety Rules this year:
  • The maximum number of bicyclists that are permitted to enter the gates together is 4. Groups of more than 4 will not be permitted access to the community.
  • One group of up to 4 bicyclists will be allowed access through the gates every 20 minutes.
  • No group of 4 is to combine with another group after entering the gates.
  • Groups riding in the community must always ride single file. Bicyclists that fail to ride single file at all times will be denied access to ride within the Cordillera Community again.
  • The rules and regulations above are designed to protect all roadway users and allow owners and guests to enjoy our beautiful community. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
    Enjoy your ride!