Local Vail Bike Crusher on Her New Giant Trance Mountain Bike

Layla vail mountain bike racerAt Venture Sport bike and ski shops in Vail, Colorado our number one priority is helping people having fun and getting outside to enjoy the outdoors. From getting people on the right mountain bike to finding them their perfect ski rentals for their Vail vacation, we take fun, and the gear you do it on seriously.

Layla vail mountain bike raceFrom organizing group rides to supporting local athletes we also like to participate in the good times. We got this from local crusher Layla about her experience on her new Giant Anthem mountain bike and we wanted to share it with the rest of you. It is always great to see young people so passionate about sport, especially a sport as rad as mountain bike racing.

Layla giant mountain bike tranceFrom Layla:
“I love my bike!! I got my new Giant Anthem earlier this year and have loved every second riding it. Just this race season I’ve ridden over a thousand miles through every kind of terrain without problem. I especially love racing on this bike! Each NICA race is different, but my Anthem can handle steep climbs, sandy turns, and chunky slick rock…not to mention downhill and sprint finishes. I’ve had a killer season on my bike, placing 1st overall in my sophomore division in NICA’s Utah South Region.”